On July 1, 1974 the long-time shareholder of Hermann Friedrich Bauer GmbH & Co. KG founded the Walser-Bauer company for precious metals and semi-finished products.


This step was the only logical consequence to turn the knowledge and skills accumulated by the watchmaking company H.F. Bauer since it was founded in 1924 into a well-organised value-added chain in the area of precious metals.


The newly formed company comprising a metal refinery and production and sales company for precious metal semi-finished products, dental alloys, watch cases and bracelets, jewellery and machines for the field of precious metals quickly grained as a reliable and service-oriented partner formany industrial fields.


In the years of 2003/2004 the two companies Hermann Friedrich Bauer and Walser-Bauer merged for the benefit of customers and employees to become a dynamic enterprise - Bauer-Walser AG.

Management of Bauer-Walser AG
Karlheinz Karner  – Chairman of the board (right)
Bernd Augenstein – Director (center)
Timo Müller - Director



Geschwister Scheytt GmbH

Kaiserstrasse 23, 80801 Munich

Phone:    +49 (0) 89 21024428

Management: Brigitte Scheytt, Isabel Scheytt


Hanauer Schmuckhalbzeug GmbH
Gueterbahnhofstrasse 3-7, 63450 Hanau am Main

Phone:    +49 800 1860608


Managing director: Rüdiger Schum


R. Götze GmbH & Co. KG

Potsdamer Straße 105, 10785 Berlin
Phone:   +49 (0) 30 - 2 63 91 33


Managing director: Manfred Boy


Carl Schaefer Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt GmbH 

Altstädter Kirchenweg 23 

75175 Pforzheim

Telefon : +49 (0) 7231 - 1 57 60


Geschäftsführer: Hansjörg Howe

Annual report of Bauer-Walser AG


In accordance with law, the annual report of the Bauer-Walser AG company is published in the Federal Law Gazette of Germany (



Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

Bundesverband Schmuck, Uhren, Silberwaren und verwandte Industrien e.V. (BVSU)

(National Association for Jewellery, Watches, Silver Products and Related Industries)

Fachvereinigung Edelmetalle e.V.

(Professional Association for Precious Metals)




At Bauer-Walser AG corporate and social responsibility are an established tradition, not least because these values embody the model of an honest and respectable business person. This responsibility in general applies in countless ways to numerous areas of activity including the observance of human rights, work conditions, environmental protection, anti-corruption, consumer interests, above-board business practices, fair competition and sustainability.


Precious metals are high performance and sustainable – and they are everywhere.


Therefore for a company which processes precious metals, protection for people and the environment and economic success is in keeping with company policy. In this process, corporate sustainability is a condition for the future and the next generations.

Policy of Bauer-Walser AG regarding conflict minerals
BW-AG Conflict Minerals Policy (Vers.3_S[...]
PDF-Dokument [44.5 KB]
Policy of Bauer-Walser AG with regard to the supply chain of gold, silver and platinum group metals (PGM)
BW-AG Supply Chain Policy Au Ag PGM_eng [...]
PDF-Dokument [42.2 KB]
Compliance and code of ethics of Bauer-Walser AG
BW-AG Policy of compliance and ethics.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [861.7 KB]
BW-AG Due Diligence-Report 2021-2022
Due Diligence Report incl. Annex 1_2021-[...]
PDF-Dokument [63.0 KB]

Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)

The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an international association of companies in the jewellery and watchmaking industries and their suppliers which aims to promote a company policy which is ethical, social and environmentally friendly and also observes human rights. In a declaration of commitment for business practices, the so-called Code of Practices (CoP), the companies bind themselves to these basic principles. In addition, the Chain of Custody (CoC) standard secures the highest standards with regard to the establishment and maintenance of human rights, work conditions, environmental effects and ethical business practices throughout the supply chain.

Social commitment


At the Bauer-Walser AG company social commitment is common practice. Accordingly, every year the company promotes diverse public projects. In this process, the company consciously targets the development of the region and the well-being of local people and thus takes on responsibility for society.



Bauer-Walser foundation


A non-profit foundation has a majority interest in the company Bauer-Walser AG and the company is clearly committed to its responsibility towards the community. In this respect, the foundation and company maintain a long-term sponsorship of the protestant church charity organisation of the Siloah hospital and Lebenshilfe charity organisation in Pforzheim. In the process, the foundation and company offers long-term support for the care home "Heim am Hachel" in Pforzheim which is dedicated to the care of the elderly, and also the Montessori children's day care centre of the Arlinger Lebenshilfe e.V. charity.



Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences


Pforzheim university is an attractive scientific and research partner for the regional and national business community and is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the German state of Baden‑Württemberg. Its three faculties (Design, Engineering, Business and Law) allows it to combine creativity with business training and technical precision.

Bauer-Walser AG supports the jewellery technology institute which is a component of the engineering faculty. With its testing facilities and expertise the institute develops solutions for small and medium‑sized companies in the area of production and development problems and examines unclear damage claims in the area of metallurgy and coating technologies. 


Lebenshilfe Pforzheim Enzkreis e.V.


This charitable association involves handicapped people, their parents, other relatives, statutory social workers, experts, sponsors and friends. The aim of the association is to enable handicapped people to live as normal a life as possible and to enable them to participate in our society and determine their own lives. The association owns the Montessori children's house, an integrative facility where the Maria Montessori approach is practiced. This method of education is a child-centred educational approach, whereby the basic principle is to "follow the child".

Bauer-Walser AG has supported Montessori children's house for a number of years here with a donation. In addition, once per year company trainees spend a practical day there and, for example, do handicrafts to make lanterns or paint the outside of the facilities.


Support for voluntary firemen


In Germany fire prevention is mainly carried out by voluntary firemen. As a result, a number of Bauer‑Walser AG employees are also members of the voluntary fire brigade. The alarming of members for each deployment of the fire brigade is a problem which should not be underestimated because the members are often at locations which are unknown to the office issuing the alarm, e.g. at home, at the workplace or in transit. When there is an alarm at the workplace, the respective members are allowed to immediately leave and travel to the point of deployment. The continuous further education of voluntary members of the fire brigade is also supported.



Bunsenstraße 4 - 6

75210 Keltern b. Pforzheim


Tel.  +49 7236 704 - 0

Fax: +49 7236 704 - 270

Bauer-Walser AG is a member of Responsible Jewellery Council

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