On July 1, 1974 the long-time shareholder of H.F. Bauer GmbH founded the WalserBauer company for precious metals and semi-finished products.


This step was the only logical consequence to turn the knowledge and skills accumulated by the watchmaking company H.F. Bauer since it was founded in 1924 into an efficient value-added chain for precious metals.


With a refinery, production and sales company for precious metal semi-finished products, dental alloys, watch cases and bracelets, jewellery and machines for the field of precious metals, the company quickly made a name for itself as a reliable and service-oriented partner to many sectors of industry.


In the 2003 and 2004 the H.F. Bauer and Walser-Bauer companies merged to become Bauer-Walser AG, a dynamic company for the benefit of customers and employees.



Bunsenstraße 4 - 6

75210 Keltern b. Pforzheim


Tel.  +49 (0) 7236 704-0

Fax: +49 (0) 7236 704-270



Bauer-Walser AG is a member of Responsible Jewellery Council

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