"The customer is the focus of all our activities" at Bauer-Walser AG


The customer is the most important person for the company whether personally present or not because the customer is the source of the success and will only trust the company in the long-term when the company does its best on a daily basis.

In 1924, Hermann Friedrich Bauer GmbH (HFB) laid the foundations for the Bauer-Walser AG of today. Even then, the quality of the products and resulting satisfaction of customers served as a basis for the work carried out by employees and suppliers. Up to now and also in future, the management and all employees unconditionally recognise this approach. Quality is the basis for sales, growth and innovation. This approach has repeatedly kept Bauer-Walser AG in a select group of market leaders. This equally motivates employees and customers. Turnover, profits and earnings can secure the existence of an enterprise, but are not motivating for work. Therefore Bauer-Walser AG always tries to achieve the best value for money for customers and is oriented towards a long-term and trusting co-operation.

You can rely on us.



Tradition is worth its weight in gold. We have been a specialist operating in the field of precious metals since 1924. This is a long time, but as the Swiss author Max Frisch says: "Time does not change us, it only develops us." The development of a company philosophy is always an exciting and lengthy process. But since 2004 in the form of the present Bauer-Walser AG company we have always been true to our principle "The customer is the focus of all our activities". As a successful medium-sized company in the field of precious metals with business in the areas of precious metals trading, production of high quality semi-finished products and the operation of a metal refinery this has made us a consistently reliable partner for our customers.

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