PRECIOUS METAL SEMI-FINISHED PRODUCTS for the manufacture of high quality jewellery and watches

Jewellery and dental casting alloys | Sheet metal and strips | Wires / Profile wires| bar material | Tubes / Sectional tubes | Windings | Solder wires and brazing sheets | Circular blanks and disks | Pure silver anodes | Ring blanks | Bracelets and creoles | Blanks for watches | CNC turned parts| 

It is important for us to support the manufacturers of jewellery and watches in their production.


In order to keep your stock to a minimum and reduce costs, we have organised an extensive delivery program.


We quickly and reliably deliver an extensive range of semifinished products in all alloys based on gold, silver, platinum and palladium.



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75210 Keltern b. Pforzheim


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Fax: +49 7236 704 - 270

Bauer-Walser AG is a member of Responsible Jewellery Council

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