ARGENTIUM - The special / extraordinary silver

Tarnish protected - no tarnishing for a long time

Weldable with regular soldering equipment
    without solder
Better moldability (up to 70%),
    good extensibility / tensile strength

White color
Does not trigger allergies

 No blue silver is formed

 Can be hardened in the oven

Environmentally friendly, as no silver plating,
    passivation or rhodium plating is necessary


Argentium is a patented silver alloy discovered in 1996 by the English silversmith
and Professor Peter Johns.

Argentium is environmentally friendly because no chemicals are needed to strip it.
It is made from recycled silver.

Argentium has different properties than conventional silver and requires a
different way of processing that you need to know and learn.
But the result is amazing.

Argentium-Silver-Alloys and Products produced by Bauer-Walser AG


Your contact persons ARGENTIUM silver-alloys
and semi-finished products


Sales of semi-finished products
Gunther Finter
Tel: +49 7236 / 704 241 | Fax: +49 7236 / 704 270


Sales of semi-finished products
Monika Steigner
Tel: +49 7236 / 704 218 | Fax: +49 7236 / 704 270

Would you like to learn to work with Argentium?

Christine Zock - Schmuckwerkstatt Silberfeile
official "Argentium Instructor" offers special Argentium courses.

The courses will teach you how to handle, weld and process Argentium, as well as the combination of Argentium with fine gold by welding or the Korean technique Keum Boo.


For more information, please visit:

Christine Zock

Glonner Straße 13b,
85640 Putzbrunn

Telefon       +49 (0)89 / 418 75 629 (Please ring for a long time;-)



Bunsenstraße 4 - 6

75210 Keltern b. Pforzheim


Tel.  +49 (0) 7236 704-0

Fax: +49 (0) 7236 704-270

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