All customers and business partners we wish you a good, fulfilling and successful year 2021


Sincerely yours,


Bauer-Walser AG









Dear costumer,

A challenging year for all of us is coming to an end.


We herewith like to express our gratitude for the good cooperation and the trust you bestowed on us and are also looking forward to serve you again to your complete

satisfaction in the coming years.


“Donation instead of gifts”           


As in previous years, we refrain from sending Christmas presents to our customers.

We donate the amount intended for this to the Montessori Children's House in Pforzheim instead. We are sure that you would likewise appreciate and understand this initiative.


On behalf of the entire team, we are sending you contemplative Christmas greetings and

wish you, your families and employees a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy

New Year in this rather difficult time.


Sincerely yours,


Bauer-Walser AG

Montessori Children's House in Pforzheim 







New in our delivery program:
ARGENTIUM Silver Alloy and
Semi-Finished Products






Family Day at
Haus Bauer-Walser AG

13. May 2017

On the occasion of the completion of our extended building in January, the management
of Bauer-Walser AG decided to celebrate a family day / open day for employees with their families.

Food and drink was be provided …. 

A sumptuous cold-hot buffet, a barbecue area with a selection of meat and sausages
and a well-prepared lorry with beverages was available.

Coffee and cake specialties were served in a separate tent. They were brought by our employees themselves. Here again the warmest thanks for the 40 very delicious cakes.

All employees had the opportunity to show your family their workplace and the entire company all day. The interest was amazing and the resonance was huge.
The large number of machines and equipment impressed all visitors during their tour
cross the buildings.

In the beautiful weather the prepared attractions for the numerous kids were much used. Two bouncy castles, a stand for cans throwing and faces to make-up.
In a photo automatic box (with all sorts of props) were recorded a lot of fun photos.
The guests could take the pictures home.
The DRK was on site with a rescue vehicle and regular emergency rescue exercises were carried out for information purposes.

The company Bauer-Walser AG would once again like to thank the hard work of the young red cross section Dietlingen and support the work a donation.


It was a very successful day, which will be remembered by everyone.

On Friday, 24th February 2017, we had a visit of councillor Karl Röckinger and Mayor Steffen Bochinger. Karlheinz Karner (CEO) and Horst Bittigkoffer (Chairman of the Supervisory Board) asked for a tour through our company.

Left to right: K. Karner, H. Bittigkoffer, K. Rockinger, P. Bröhl,  S. Bochinger

Donation instead of gifts

For the third year in succession we visited the Montessori children's centre in Pforzheim in the pre-Christmas season to make a donation.

The sponsorship gives us the opportunity to directly support this project run by the Lebenshilfe charitable organisation instead of giving the usual Christmas presents to customers and suppliers. It always gives us great pleasure to observe how committed the staff of the children's centre are in looking after the needs of the children, which especially in these difficult social times is not always easy to do.


As well as providing monetary support, however, we are also happy that our apprentices have volunteered to do some work in the children's centre next spring.

We are expanding for you


In order to take increased long-term production and quality requirements into account, in June 2016 the construction of a new building extension to expand the company was started.


This measure will give the company more than 1,500 m² of additional production space. This will improve the organisation of production processes, quality of the products, the working atmosphere and create space for new products.

The move to the new, generously proportioned production space and office rooms including a training room is planned for December 2016 / January 2017.

Safeguarding the future


On Wednesday, October 26, 2016, the apprenticeship day for the district of the westen Enzkreis took place in the Kulturhalle facility in the town of Remchingen-Wilferdingen. And this was very successful.


At this event young people and their parents have the opportunity to directly inform themselves at regional companies about apprenticeships. Discussions took place with many interested young people due to the fact that in 2017 the Bauer-Walser AG company will have some apprenticeship positions available for a process mechanic and metal assayer.


A number of politicians from the region also used the opportunity to take a look at the companies and obtain feedback in personal discussions.



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