Bauer-Walser AG, Keltern acquires the traditional
Gold and silver refinery

Carl Schaefer GmbH, Pforzheim

On November 16, 2021, the contract for the sale of the Carl Schaefer company was signed between Blue Cap AG, Munich and Bauer-Walser AG, Keltern.


Carl Schaefer is one of the long-established gold and silver refineries based in Pforzheim.
The company with an eventful history is a specialist in the recycling of precious metals and has an extensive range of precious metal semi-finished products such as wires, rolled profiles, sheets or tubes, as well as finished goods.


Carl Schaefer was taken over from bankruptcy by Blue Cap in 2016.


Blue Cap AG is a capital market listed investment company based in Munich. The company invests in medium-sized companies in the areas of production, trade and services for, with and for industrially manufactured physical goods.


With the active support of Blue Cap, the company expanded its sales activities considerably and strengthened precious metals purchasing. In addition, the business processes were optimized. This enabled Carl Schaefer to take a step back on a profitable growth path.
Sales and earnings could again be increased sustainably.


Carl Schaefer GmbH is now a 100% subsidiary of Bauer-Walser AG and will continue to be run as an independent company. Of course, all employees were taken on.


After decades of working with C. Schaefer, it was our obligation to continue the traditional company that had been resurrected for sale, reports Karlheinz Karner, CEO of Bauer-Walser AG.


Bauer-Walser AG is known as a reliable and service-oriented partner in the precious metal industry. The four cornerstones of the company:


Precious metal recycling and trading, precious metal semi-finished products and ring blanks, raw watch parts and a precious metal CNC service. So far, over 200 people have been employed in Keltern, Pforzheim and three other national locations.

Product information 

Flexible Bracelets
hollow with micro-groove– made from sheet and bended

Flexible Bracelets, round                           Flexible Bracelets, rectangular

OD 1,5mm, thickness 0.45                           OD 2,8 x 1,5mm, thickness 0,45  

OD 2,0mm, thickness 0,45                                      


Flexible Necklaces, round                          Dimensions (inside):

Bent in the shape of a neck                          XS       51 x 43 mm
OD 2,5mm, thickness 0,45, ID 125mm         S         56 x 48 mm

                                                                      M         50 x 60 mm

L          53 x 63 mm

XL       58 x 68 mm
XXL     70 x 60 mm



WG  751/18.9Pd,  YG 751/125, 
            RG   751/50

Bauer-Walser AG &

We warmly welcome our 15,000 new employees at Bauer-Walser AG!


Together with the beekeeping company, Bauer-Walser AG will sponsor bees for the year 2021 and is thus committed to nature and species protection. To see how the beehive is constantly changing and to get to know the flora and fauna in this way is a great experience for the employees.


Divided into two groups, the employees can take a look into the beehives every week and also receive a lot of information about the busy bees and working as beekeepers. Every week new experiences and very special impressions that you don't get in everyday life. The employees at Bauer-Walser AG are enthusiastic about nature and the life of bees.


We are happy and expect the complete, sweet harvest of our bees towards the end of the project.


With this extraordinary project everyone ultimately won: the beekeeping, we
Bauer-Walser AG, nature and above all the future of the honey bee!





Bauer-Walser AG supports the flood victims
in Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany with € 2,000

Workforce and Bauer-Walser AG donate for flood victims

The flood disaster in Germany left no one indifferent, it was and is always a topic of conversation among the employees of Bauer-Walser AG. So the wish arose as a company to contribute with a donation and thus make a small contribution to the support of the people and regions affected. The initiative of the district council meeting with the Enzkreis donation campaign came at just the right time, which specifically supports the town of Insul in Rhineland-Palatinate, as helpers from the Enzkreis have already helped actively and directly.

No sooner said than done… ..the workforce was informed about the measure by means of an appeal for donations. The campaign immediately met with great willingness and even employees who had already supported the flood victims on other channels often added an additional amount. It was also emphasized again and again that the amount of the donation does not play a role, everyone could decide for themselves.

In the end, 1,094 euros were collected in the workforce, a proud amount !!!!

The management is also enthusiastic about the campaign, so the board of directors decided to increase the amount by € 906.
At the end of August, € 2,000 could then be transferred to the “Flood Aid Enz” account.


We are pleased that those affected can be helped directly with this money. Because the donations, regardless of the amount, give the people affected hope, directly of course, because some of the most essential existential things are missing, but they also give the tentative confidence to dive back into normal life and the memories of the terrible natural disaster slowly fade allow.

Therefore a big thank you to all donors

VICENZA ORO September 2021
T.Gold Section

International exhibition of gold jewelry, silverware and watches, Vicenza / Italy

10. - 14. September 2021 
Halle 4  Stand 506


Moritz Bischoff 
Sales Manager

informs our visitors about the extensive delivery program and services ​of
Bauer-Walser AG


Change at Bauer-Walser AG on July 1, 2021


Hans-Günter Ritter succeeds Horst Bittigkoffer at the head of the Supervisory Board


Mr. Karlheinz Karner, CEO of Bauer-Walser AG confirmed:
"We are very happy to have found a competent and experienced successor for Mr. Bittigkoffer in Mr. Hans-Günter Ritter, as the former managing director of Heraeus Metals Germany, Hanau."



Hans-Günter Ritter worked for Heraeus Precious Metals, Hanau, in precious metals trading for 31 years and retired in December 2020. As Global Head of Trading, he was a respected expert in the precious metals industry.

Horst Bittigkoffer, the former and longstanding managing director of Heraeus Edelmetalle, Pforzheim and a well-known Pforzheim veteran, will continue to be a member of the supervisory board.


He took over the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bauer-Walser AG in November 2016 after the death of Ms. Ruth Walser. Inextricably linked with his name is the consolidation and transformation of the “old” gold town into a modern, internationally competitive industry.



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75210 Keltern b. Pforzheim


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Fax: +49 7236 704 - 270

Bauer-Walser AG is a member of Responsible Jewellery Council

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