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Current information of Bauer-Walser AG

on the care and action plans during the corona pandemic

Dear valued business partners,

Due to the current developments in connection to the spread of corona virus (COVID-19) we herewith like to inform you today as follows:

Supply of semi-finished products 

As to the current status, our delivery capability is ensured. 

We cover our raw materials exclusively from reliable and delivery capable partner companies. As we are stocking sufficient quantities of raw materials, we have no short-term bottlenecks.

However, should the supply situation change at short notice due to the worldwide spread of COVID-19, we cannot completely rule out the possibility that impairments or hindrances could occur. We therefore continuously check the delivery situation of our partner companies and thus try to identify any bottlenecks on appropriate time. If any bottlenecks occur, we will of course inform you accordingly.


Dealing with visitors / external appointments and trade fairs 

We waive from all customers, supplier and other operational appointments. 

To avoid the risk of infection, we currently only offer you conference calls or Skype telephony as an alternative to visiting appointments.

Measures to protect our employees and ensure production 

The health of our employees and ensuring our production is a top priority. 

We informed our workforce on time about precautionary measures to protect against viruses. This includes ongoing information on precautionary hygiene measures - such as not shaking hands - the correct sneeze and cough etiquette as well as detailed instructions on how to proceed if an infection is suspected. We have increased the cleaning cycles throughout the company, door handles, etc. are regularly specially cleaned as a preventive measure.

All of our employees were asked whether they were in a risk area classified by the Robert Koch Institute or were in contact with people who were there. Necessary steps were taken after the survey.

Where possible, including in the area of precious metals trading, we erected separate workplaces and set up home offices. We want to keep the contagion options as small as possible internally by redesigning working / break times and special regulations for delivery / collection by forwarding agents.

If there are any restrictions, we will do everything we can to continue to offer you the best service.

We wish and hope that the situation will normalize again as soon as possible.

Stay healthy!

Sincerely yours, 

Karlheinz Karner
Chairman of the Board

Bernd Augenstein
Board of Directors