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Customers can choose from numerous precious metal casting alloys with a high purity level and quality. Modern laboratory technology and a certified quality management system ensure excellent and consistent quality.

Coloured gold alloys
White gold alloys
Silver alloys
Platinum and palladium alloys
Dental alloys (see below)
Special alloys (on request)


Dental alloys from Bauer-Walser

More than 200 different alloys, solders and laser wires from the Bauer-Walser production enter the market exclusively through external, independent distribution companies.

This distribution strategy has proven itself over two decades. Bauer-Walser serves the distribution companies purely as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

As a company certified according to the DIN EN ISO 13485 and 9001 standards, Bauer-Walser with its wide range of alloys has become a key private label producer in Germany.

Our modern production facilities are continually upgraded to ensure flexibility so that high periods of demand due to market activity can be reliably managed.

Contact person for alloys

Moritz Bischoff

Tel: +49 7236 / 704 - 217
Fax: +49 7236 / 704 - 270