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Precious Metal Recycling

We are an experienced partner for the recycling of waste products containing precious metals and an indispensable part of the value-added chain for goldsmiths and, for example, the dental and electrical industries. The efficient preparation of waste containing precious metals requires decades of experience and expertise, which only a reputable refinery can offer.


The Bauer-Walser AG company has been in the business of precious metals since 1924 and since 1974 has offered the recycling of waste products containing precious metals. Our quick, flexible and precise service is an important argument for our longterm customers.

Each metal to be refined, whether residue, filings or, for example, also electroplating baths, are credited to the customer's precious metal account after a homogenisation process and exact analysis.

You have direct access to this account.

We support the wishes of our customers. For example, we can supply precious metal or make transfers to the accounts of business partners or banks, make purchases through our metal trading department or make an exchange with an item from our product range such as semi-finished products and watches.

Our uncomplicated pick-up service for goods to be refined within Germany is popular with customers. The free exchange of full for empty containers for goods to be refined always ensures that your production process is smooth.

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Sami Iblikci

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